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DelphianLogic Technologies
Private Limited

101, Phase 1, Manikchand Galleria, Model Colony,
Shivaji Nagar, Pune 411016 (Maharashtra, INDIA)

About Us

Who We Are

DelphianLogic is a specialist venture providing learning and productivity enhancement solutions to businesses worldwide, from the world's largest organizations to the smallest entrepreneurial entities.

What We Do

At DelphianLogic, we believe that problems, though (seemingly) similar, are never identical. Therefore, our solutions are tailor-made to address our clients’ specific business needs and performance bottlenecks.

We partner organizations through the entire product development lifecycle: from defining strategy, to design and development, through deployment and support, and finally to evaluation of success and effectiveness.

At the same time, we recognize the need for select stand-alone services to address mission-critical or just-in-time needs. Our bouquet of services around learning content design, learning and performance technology, and workflow management are optimized to address such requirements.

How We Do It

The DelphianLogic team brings in synergies of proven skills, deep understanding, vast experience, and proactive attitude to deliver tailor-made solutions and services that offer high value-for-money without compromising on quality.

By utilizing our proven capabilities across Web, digital, social, and mobile technologies, we help organizations design and implement solutions that:

  Boost performance: Through technology-enabled training solutions that enhance learning
Enhance productivity: Through performance support solutions and workflows that simplify processes and improve collaboration
Increase profitability: By applying right-sourcing models that not only help organizations save money but also make money

The Bottom Line

At DelphianLogic, we believe that sustainable outperformance is never an accident. It’s always by design. DelphianLogic – Performance by Design.

What’s In The Name?

Delphi Meth•od imgDelphian

In the 1940s, The Delphi method was developed as a systematic, interactive forecasting method which relied on opinions from and consultative discussions between experts. The method was based on the assumption that group judgments are more valid than individual judgments, and the name "Delphi" was derived from the Oracle of Delphi.

Log•ic imgLogic

Logic is the study of arguments. Logic has its origins in several ancient civilizations, including ancient India, China and Greece. Established as a discipline by the great Aristotle, logic is the tool for distinguishing between the true and the false.

Del•phi•an•Log•ic imgDelphianLogic

An organization that believes that when it comes to influencing future outcomes, it always makes sense for our experts to collaborate with client-side experts (Delphi method), and it certainly helps to have faith in the laws of reasoning and deduction (Logic).

Ergo the name – DelphianLogic. Need we say more?

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