The Top 5 L&D Trends in the New Normal


2020 was no ordinary year. The pandemic has brought about a sea change in every aspect of how we interact, work, and do business. Grappling with the challenges of working remotely, organizations have had to adapt their processes and functions across verticals. L&D has been no exception. This post is the first blog in a … Read more

Why Developing an Effective Learning Strategy Matters to a Business


Organizations are constantly evolving to stay relevant, innovative, and competitive. To ensure that employees are capable of supporting the company’s changing strategic objectives, organizations need to make sure that they are aware of their expected competencies to help achieve exceptional business performance. So how can organizations get this right? A robust and effective learning content … Read more

A Corporate Learning Leader’s Guide to Engaging SMEs into Learning Process

A Corporate Learning Leader’s Guide to Engaging SMEs into Learning Process

Building learning content to suit specific learning objectives within a corporate environment can be a daunting process. Information is spread everywhere and not particularly consistent. Different sources can offer conflicting opinions or advice about the same query. The development team that is tasked with gathering data needs to ensure that every piece of information that … Read more

Technologies to Help Drive Learning in the Future


A long-term research project commissioned by Middlesex University for Work-Based Learning found that of a sample of 4,300 workers, 74% felt that they weren’t achieving their full potential at work due to a lack of development opportunities. In that light, consider a report by Training Industry magazine, which states that “the average training expenditures for … Read more

Introducing Training Needs Analysis into Learning Content Process


Well-trained employees are valuable assets to any organization. They help in contributing to the success by achieving the set business goals. When equipped with the right learning content, employees can build the right competencies and capabilities to increase individual and organizational performance. However, on the flipside, if irrelevant learning content is assigned for consumption, the … Read more

How to make Gamification work for eLearning


Gamification. It is the new buzzword in town and is disrupting the eLearning industry by using game mechanics and certain game-like elements to create stimulating learning solutions. These include practical day-to-day activities that keep the learners motivated and absorb more by ‘doing’.The learner gets to experience fun elements during learning and when the gamification strategy … Read more

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