Internal Communications

An effective, targeted and cost-effective means of spreading relevant information within an organization

Modern organizations need to transform in response to a rapidly changing environment. Contextual and effective communication, which is interesting, rolls out continuously, and appeals across audiences,is vital for spreading and reinforcing the message.

Effective Internal Organizational Communication Solution

Effective Internal Communication brings in additional context and depth to the information which is packaged for internal deployment.

Our customized solutions revolve around the specific needs and goals of the business, the context within which they are deployed, and the function they need to serve. This makes them attention-grabbing, easy to retain and have consistently proved invaluable in spreading the message. These could include communicating Enterprise Change and Transformations, Information and Awareness campaigns keep associates informed, Strategic communication, or many others.

By using a customized blend of a variety of mediums, we can target different audiences across the enterprise. In our experience, videos and animations are invaluable for delivering short key messages. Augmented Reality often generates interest around strategic communications that need special focus. Reinforcements and reminders could do well when communicated through posters and table-top communiqués. Intranet portals could be adopted to circulate aggregated content. The timed roll-out of email campaigns results in a cost-effective and targeted means of communication.

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