Associate Instructional Designer


Who are we? 

At DelphianLogic, we believe in performance by design.  

DelphianLogic is a leading provider of custom Corporate Learning Solutions and Services to Fortune  companies across the world. In the last decade, DelphianLogic has established lasting business  relationships with over 40 Fortune/Global customers as a leading provider of organizational “Learning  Solutions & Services.”  

This includes the end-to-end execution of more than 1200 successful projects by our 150-member  skilled and experienced team. Our end-to-end learning solutions comprise a blend of bespoke learning  content, learning products/frameworks (learning management, content governance and training needs  analysis), and bespoke technology (assessment engines, onboarding workflows, etc.). 

We are looking for people to join our Instructional Design team. 

What does an instructional designer do? 

Instructional designers create the learning design and strategies that help people learn better. This  involves: 

  • Conversing with clients to figure out what their training needs are
  • Deciding the best way to teach the material and interest the learners
  • Collaborating with Subject Matter Experts and doing research to gather the necessary  information
  • Organising and structuring the information
  • Writing the content so that it’s clear and understandable
  • Determining how multimedia like images, audio, animations, videos should be used
  • Collaborating with design and technology teams to develop the training product 

Will you fit in?  

Since the solutions require working with content, you would need the following skills:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Interest in a wide range of subjects and the ability to grasp concepts quickly
  • Capacity for creative and analytical thinking to create solutions
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and working knowledge of Excel
  • Ability to work independently and manage responsibility

This is a full-time profile, and open to graduates from all streams. Professional experience in a content  or learning domain would be an advantage. We are based in Model Colony, Pune, and our work timings  are 9.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. 

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