Banking & Financial Services

Customized solutions which are laser-focussed on the unique stumbling blocks faced by the banking and financial services sector

Banking and financial Institutions have the continuous need to hire the smartest people, build on advanced technology and infrastructure, and to manage core operations and business risks. With almost all aspects of banking operations (such as Retail and Wholesale, Risk and Regulatory, Consumer and commercial lending) undergoing the digitization wave, we bring the focus to awareness training, leveling up and certifications.

Customized eLearning Solution Offering in Banking & Financial Sector

By adopting a bird’s eye-view of the problem, we formulate comprehensive, performance-driven solutions which are customized for the environment within which they need to be applied.

With Retail and Wholesale banking, our solutions include Learning Portals and learning materials for a variety of Lending Certifications. Credit and Operational Risk departments have benefitted from our technical training and certification, compliance and innovative red-flags training. IT infrastructure setup and modernization could be undertaken, which would include overviews, new features and capability with a modern communication governance driven solution.

We achieve this by building a culture of learning, which makes the dispensed knowledge adaptive to associates’ need, giving them the freedom to choose the path for individual growth. Most of our solutions have a multi-device strategy ensuring greater content accessibility.

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