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A long-term Content Authoring Solution addresses immediate capability-building challenges while working on a long-term strategy to ensure continued relevance

Modern browsers and devices have rapidly established HTML5 as the new way to deploy eLearning content. While there are several long term benefits of the technology, the current challenges continue to be around legacy content and HTML5 development capability. Not addressing current challenges can quickly result in drop in the quality of learning, or result in persistent technical issues during deployment. With the wide range of authoring tools available in the market today, each with its unique benefits and limitations, expert guidance can help an enterprise navigate these pitfalls to ensure a successful transition into the new reality of HTML5.

eLearning Content Authoring

The DelphianLogic Content Authoring Consultancy team enables eLearning development teams to solve immediate issues and to build capability in HTML5 or other modern Authoring tools, while working along to build a long term content authoring strategy.

Built around vast experience in custom HTML5 development, Articulate Storyline, and several other authoring tools like Captivate and Lectora, we help teams build capability to build interactive and engaging HTML5/response eLearning. Based on a business’ needs, our offering includes building a set of instructionally-sound templates customized to HTML5 or a specific authoring tool. This could be followed by content migration onto the platform of choice, and finally documentation, specifications, training and support to enable companies onboard into the new framework.

Our experts have been working with Custom HTML/HTML5 and most of the widely-used Authoring Tools since their introduction, and have helped implement several successful transitions across the world.

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