Digital Learning Infrastructure

A hand-picked bouquet of resources results in an adaptable and robust Digital Learning Infrastructure

The future of learning lies beyond a single LMS application. Organizations have realized the need for a set of different functionalities that work efficiently with each other. They have also faced the challenges of integrating them seamlessly with one another to form a holistic learning experience that is pertinent to their business. This is where DelphianLogic steps in. By adopting a bird’s eye view of the problem, we arrive at solutions that are optimized for each situation.

Digital Learning Infrastructure

We see the digital learning infrastructure as a network of different tools and applications, which help enhance the learner experience while onboarding newer modes of learning delivery, implementation and evaluation.

Our Digital Learning Infrastructure consultants have been helping organizations with a variety of custom Learning Infrastructure solutions involving mobile learning and apps, Learning Portals and Workflows, Micro Learning, Gamification and Social Learning. Adding Learning Evaluation and integrating xAPI, Tincan and SCORM into our solution orients them a step further towards excellence.

Explore how a custom learning technology solution can help enhance the learning experience.

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