Gamification based on simulations and scenarios lead to big wins

Performance-oriented learning needs to be optimally designed in a way that keeps learners engaged. Gamification provides that added element to an eLearning program to build the engagement that a digital learning experience demands. The challenges in the game need to be closely aligned with the learning/business objectives to ensure that the learning process is not disjointed from the gamified engagement.

Gamification in Learning and Development

We specialize in identifying the right opportunities and building custom gamification-driven learning experiences that ensure deeper engagement with the learning process.

These could be deployed at times as a part of an eLearning, or a Learning portal, a microlearning solution, or even as a standalone game. Building effective challenges involves incorporating the learning goals into the core design of our gamification solutions. Every game needs obstacles, yet they are to be aligned with the learning flow, and the rewards need to be relevant to the right learning achievements. The game rules are designed within the context of the learners, organization, or the process involved.

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