Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Instructor led training design packs a punch when it is optimised to instructor led training solutions

Instructor-led classroom learning is undergoing a transformation. Businesses today demand training that brings about immediate results by aligning associates to the job expectations and need this to be achieved in lesser time than earlier. Learners, on the other hand, face disengagement, with reduced attention time and an inability to spare time from work.

Instructor Led Training Solution

Content challenges revolve around ensuring the relevance of content and keeping associates engaged despite the increased complexity of business processes and technical nature of the content.

Our innovative Instructor Led Training designs to involve a variety of strategies, such as role-based training plans, workshop-based methodology, reference guides and job-aids. Each uniquely blended learning is customized to suit an organization’s training needs.

These training can be delivered consistently with Facilitator guides, Participant Guides, presentations, job-aids and reference guides.

Connect with us to re-create a customized Classroom Learning which is effective, engaging and performance-driven.

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