The small learning units in well-designed micro training programs make information delivery efficient

Microlearning content design involves several design considerations to be optimal- content coverage, choice of media, scripts, and storyboards, audio speed, user experience, and many more.

eLearning Nuggets

But how does one ensure that content is effectively designed for microlearning? Just making modules smaller may not be good enough.

We specialize in the design of content in the microlearning format, ensuring learning is engaging and effective. This includes content chunking and aligning, to map content to nuggets, defining nugget types, sequencing and learning engagement. We design custom-built,engaging, fully functional learning content which include videos, infographics, audio clips, interactivities, quizzes, all packaged as independent microlearning nuggets. Different packaging options ensure that our solution works across a variety of platforms.

We boast of above 95% record of ‘first-time’ SCORM LMS integrations, which ensures integration into modern learning and knowledge platforms.

To learn more about how DelphianLogic designs Microlearning Nuggets that pack a big punch, get in touch with us now.

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