Learning Platforms

Customizable Learning Platform Frameworks for maximum impact while investing minimum resources

Learning Platforms solve L&D challenges within the enterprise, and facilitate the smooth implementation of learning programs. A custom platform allows enterprises to build and grow an application that is suited specifically to the business context. However, building a platform is a resource-intensive process.

Learning Platforms

DelphianLogic offers five pre-built Platform Frameworks that can rapidly be completely customized and configured to the specific business needs, with content, workflows, user management and reports for speedy deployment within the enterprise.

A custom built learning platform helps to integrate the generic requirements and blend them with the specific business situations. The 5 generic platform frameworks which can be tailored to surmount an organization’s challenges are Assessment Platforms, Certification Platforms, Evaluation Platforms, Microlearning Platforms, and Learning Management Systems.

Assessment platforms

This is a contextual enterprise platform with timed workflows which supports multiple question banks, question randomizations, question pooling. Based on the regions where it needs to function, there could be multiple language support and mobile deployment.

Certification platforms

The Enterprise Certification Platform is built to suit specific needs for certifications, and certification preparations. There could be multiple level question categorization based on question distribution rules. Timed assessments ensure that certifications are completed in a timely manner.

Evaluation platforms

Custom Evaluation workflows in Evaluation Platforms support Level 1 to Level 4 evaluation. Basic to ROI level reporting can be implemented, and the phased implementation ensures a smooth transition.

Microlearning Platform

This framework is the starting point for building an effective enterprise Microlearning platform which includes Microlearning content authoring, Assignments and self-enrolments and Content management workflows. Gamification and social learning ensure optimal engagement, while content lifecycle management ensures continued relevance. Tablet and mobile apps further make learning-on-the-go a real possibility.

Learning Management System

A full-function Enterprise LMS with customized workflow which supports Extended Enterprise and Ecommerce has often proven indispensable in modern L&D Departments. Train-track-report and Performance tracking support ensures that the efficacy of the training is continuously monitored to ensure maximum impact. Built to integrate seamlessly with SCORM and LRS, these frameworks also support Gamification and Social learning to encourage engagement.

To experience how our customizable frameworks can give your L&D Initiatives a boost.

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