Localization and Translations

Translation and localization services ensure the organization’s message is never lost in translation

Localization and translation of eLearning has helped take learning to the furthest corners of the organization, which were otherwise neglected. It has also helped improve the learning experience of a larger learner base where first language is not English. Yet, this comes with its fair share of perils. These can be surmounted when linguistic knowledge and cultural sensitivity are combined intelligently with a business’ training goals to create eLearning that is is readily imbibed by associates to help them perform better.

Translation and Localization Solution for Globalization

Our eLearning Translation And Localization experts could help build an implementation roadmap for an enterprise which takes a holistic view of an organization’s Localization needs.

Several considerations are taken into account while setting up an efficient and effective translation and localization operations for eLearning content. This could include factoring in quality of translated language, country-specific influences, considerations for base version, automation and technology options and translating audio and media.

Our eLearning Translation And Localization Experts have helped set up large translation-friendly eLearning workflows, and helped formulate standards, specifications and checklists to roll-out large projects focussed on translated training content.

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