Managed Learning Platforms

Well-managed Learning Management Platforms to suit varying needs

Learning Platforms provide the environment, functionalities and technology that forms the nucleus of modern L&D organizations. Managing a Learning Platform can be a challenging task involving myriad tasks, right from content and data migration, user management, workflows, content management, reporting and technical performance. Expert management of its day-to-day functioning turns it into an invaluable asset in the learning journey.

Learning Platform Management Solution

DelphianLogic offers a blend of skills that have evolved from extensive work in the domain of Learning Technology, and blending them all into a single offering.

Each solution is tailor-made to suit an organization’s needs. This could include Content Migration to the chosen platform as well as content management and testing on an existing one. Efficient user management helps administer the learning platform better. Continuous Technology integrations and upgrades keep the platform at its peak performance. Regular maintenance and support is essential to ensure it continues functioning smoothly.

DelphianLogic offers custom plans to suit varying needs. Each plan is a blend of skills within a single plan. Supported by a multi-shore Extended Team of experts, trained Specialists execute each plan to perfection, resulting in a smoothly-functioning and effective Learning Platform.

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