Managed Learning Portals

A blend of offerings to ensure Learning Portal Management which can effectively adapt, scale and refresh impactful content

Learning Portals, built on Enterprise platforms like SharePoint, G Suite and others, are used to today to deliver a variety of learning experiences across the enterprise. As a learning portal scales up with content, workflows, gamification and social components, it requires continuous support, maintenance and content refreshments. Expert management of portals is the need of the hour.

Learning Portal Management Solution

DelphianLogic offers a blend of skills for content, workflows, administration and technology within a single offering that assists with a Portal management.

Our performance-oriented Learning Portal Management Service is customized according to an organization’s needs and goals. It could involve content generation, regular social updates, gamification or workflow modifications to optimize engagement and information absorption. User management and support is vital to ensure a positive learner experience.

DelphianLogic blends content, design and technology skills within a single customized plan to suit varying needs. Trained Specialists work with an expert Extended Team to ensure impeccable functioning. This maximises impact and ensures learning is delivered seamlessly and competently.

Get in touch with our experts now to design an effective Learning Portal Management solution that adds to its impact.

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