Managed Learning Services

A holistic flagship offering that combines various approaches and formats to arrive at an optimal solution

Managing a world-class L&D department can be challenging, especially when there is a lot going on. There need to be changes in focus and priorities. Re-skilling the existing team across various tools and technology can further stress budgets. A broad spectrum of skills and approaches can capably target this. This is where DelphianLogic steps in.

Managed Learning Service & Solutions

With a comprehensive understanding and expertise across all formats and requirements within the sphere of Learning, we blend our capabilities into a holistic flagship offering of Managed Learning Services.

DelphianLogic offers an integrated service that includes technical troubleshooting of content as well as functional support for Authoring Tools, SCORM, LMS and Functional Testing. Skilled Program Launch Support eases the teething troubles of any launch. Portal and Workflow Design and Support could be offered to ensure efficiency. The service could include Content Design and Development on an ongoing basis. Further assistance with Documentation and Training could also be offered.

The offering is customized to an organization’s needs and undertaken by trained specialist resources, further supported by a multi-shore extended team.

By entrusting the management and maintenance of the L&D department’s functions, an enterprise ensures that it functions smoothly and seamlessly, which further means that associates are equipped with the skills they need in time and valuable resources are utilized optimally.

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