Social Learning

Intelligently crafted social learning systems ensure a successful social learning program

Modern platforms such as SharePoint provide the opportunity to blend the benefits of eLearning with the social camaraderie of a classroom interaction. We take it a step further by catalyzing interactions that keep learners engaged and motivated.

Social Learning Service

Building a social learning program, or blending social learning as a component of a larger program, is undertaken keeping the overall learning objectives in mind.

Our Social Learning Services are built around a framework wherein we enable different features based on an organization’s needs and goals. We help design a custom social learning program built around various components. These could include collaboration portals, wall posts and comments, and video content sharing. The service is further augmented by workflows and gamification and content strategy and support to encourage sustained engagement.

Find out how effective a well-implemented customized social learning program can be to meeting learning goals and yielding exponential benefits.

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