Videos and Animation

Customized interactive video training boosts employee engagement

The need to use videos and animations as a mainstream media approach for learning is growing exponentially, with the steady decrease in attention span for an average learner, which currently stands at 8 seconds, according to a survey by Microsoft in 2015.

Video & Animation Based Learning

Meticulously planned videos and animations have become a commonly used media element in most of our custom eLearning or Microlearning designs.

An effective video or animation is built around an effective and content-rich smart script that directly aligns to the learning outcomes and focuses on the key messages. There are times when a live action video is most effective at demonstrating the human context. For this, we can produce them onsite showcasing employees in their environment. Versatile and cost-effective animated videos, whiteboard animations, character animations or storytelling videos can be created in a matter of days using a variety of tools to add impact.

Need help with scaling up video capability for learning? Reach out to us for an intelligently-designed video or animation that can keep learners engaged.

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