Product Knowledge

In-depth products features and service knowledge training is invaluable in ensuring all associates have the information they need when they need it

Today’s marketplace demands an ever-evolving product portfolio. Associates need to adapt rapidly to this by understanding and addressing product differentiators. Product Knowledge Solutions that focus on reaching the right audience, with just the right content, in the shortest possible time are vital. That is precisely where we step in.

Product Knowledge

DelphianLogic blends technology with learning design to mold thoughtfully designed learning experiences that empower your associates with the information they need.

The benefits are clear. Through mapping the audience’s needs, to the right content, associates get a deep understanding of the product with information that complements their sales strategy. This could be achieved through a holistic blend of 3D technology to make complex technical products easier to assimilate, thoughtfully-designed learning workflows for dynamic product portfolios and micro-learning modules that make learning-on-the-go easier with time-efficient course content that they can best absorb.

When a performance-driven solution powers a Product Knowledge program, business goals are easily met and exceeded.

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