Technical Skills

To keep associates’ technical proficiency up-to-date, effectual conceptual skills training needs planning and execution

Keeping up with rapidly-changing technologies is the need of the hour. Any associate faces an uphill task when faced with the pressure to constantly upgrade their skill set alongside their regular work output. DelphianLogic makes it easier by designing technical skills training using self-paced content that helps them strike that elusive balance.

Technical Skills

Solutions focus on making the new technology approachable and easy to grasp, while showcasing its myriad real-world application.

These solutions use a varied mix of adaptive-learning content, which adjusts itself to associates’ current skill and comprehension level. It also contains tangible real-world examples, regular knowledge checks, gamified challenges and certification workflows to keep associates motivated and engaged throughout their growth journey.

This means not only is that arduous journey made simpler, we also prepare them for their next-level roles once they achieve the technical proficiency required, transforming them through a performance-driven Technical Skills Solution.

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