DelphianLogic SPRINGPAD

Making learning relevant and accessible

SpringPad is a Learning-as-a-Service that integrates knowledge assets, eLearning content and their deployment via centralized platform, into one single subscription offering.

Its integrated mix of layers including services, processes, applications, and infrastructure, make sure that from technology to strategy to content… SpringPad has you covered for success.



Learning Strategy

Strategy inputs from learning industry experts to help you:

Create learning roadmaps for your subscribers

Continuously improve and add value to your offerings

Manage your subscription program

Learning Content

Easily manage and maintain learning and knowledge assets:

Build and manage your content catalouge

Maintain and update content easily with knowledge nugget management

Avail on-demand content development services in a range of delivery formats

Learning Platform

Harness the power of our enterprise-grade learning delivery platform:

Easily manage users with self-serviced user management console

Create, curate, and administrate content catalogues

Scale your content operations with built-in automation

Track your content and learners with built-in analytics and reporting

Offer your learners a custom learning portal experience

Learning Content LifeCycle Management

Take the pain away from constantly maintaining large content catalogues:

Increase the shelf life of your content and increase ROI with the help of DelphianLogic’s proprietary Learning Content Lifecycle Management solution


We’re with you all the way – from onboarding to Business As Usual (BAU) – you are supported by the DelphianLogic Assurance.

The DelphianLogic Assurance

Awards and recognitions

  • Best Advance in Custom Content
  • Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation
  • Best Use of Games or Simulations for Learning
  • Best Results of a Learning Program


L-a-a-S is the future. Get onboard.

It’s fast becoming clear that tools and technology or engaging content alone are not enough to meet the fast growing need for content in a world that’s driven by it. Effective content needs constant attention through personalization, customization, on-demand availability, engagement, and relevance.

It is almost impossible to do all of this manually and sustain. L-a-a S’s integrated approach ensures that our focus remains firmly on making content relevant and accessible while technology, automation, and integrated workflows take care of the rest.

What Our Partners Say About SpringPad

Stacy Wright - CEO, A Leadership Training Company

SpringPad has been a seamless experience for us and DelphianLogic has been a perfect partner and guide. We love the technology and the service that comes with it. From one state a few months ago, our content is now reaching subscribers in three continents. We’re thrilled!

Matt Canton - Secretary, An International Association of Insurance Professionals

For us, the last year and half has been a period of faster growth than any we have witnessed in the last decade. And we have SpringPad to thank for that. We’ve been looking for ways to help add value to the professional growth of our members and create a bigger, stronger network. SpringPad made it simple and seamless.

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