Business Analytics

Restructuring and recombining data to yield accurate and actionable insights

Businesses today benefit immensely from actionable insights from various parts of the business. By identifying weaknesses and highlighting salient data points, the right analytics steer businesses towards future growth and challenges. However, gathering these data points and identifying the scope can be a daunting task.

Enterprise Analytics Solution for Simpler Data Visualization

DelphianLogic partners with businesses to bring together a structured approach to delivering analytics, at times making seemingly-impossible data combinations look easy.

Since each business problem is unique, our business analytics team identifies the organization’s requirements with an in-depth study that forays into a 4 stage engagement. Initially, a structured Needs Analysis is undertaken that involves identifying goals and defining data source. The next phase involves efficiently delivering the ETL – Extraction, Transformation and Load. Data preparation involving warehousing and multi-dimensional cubes then transforms this data. Business reporting from summative, drill-down reports to complex dashboards makes it highly implementable and functionally actionable.

Every platform has its strength, and every solution can be delivered using multiple combinations. The typical platforms used to deliver our solutions include OLAP, Qlikview, Tableau, SharePoint or Custom platforms. Each solution uses modern technology and UI and is customized to fit the organization and the ecosystem within which it needs to function. Making it highly flexible and scalable ensures it remains relevant for longer. Since the application is licensed for perpetual use, the overall cost of ownership is significantly lower, making it viable for most businesses.

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