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The Experience. The Smarts. The People.

Every business has a story. This is ours.

The DelphianLogic story starts with a meeting of minds and a fortuitous twist. Four friends and former colleagues reunited to ignite a dream – to make corporate learning simpler – smarter.
And with that spark, DelphianLogic was born.
Today DelphianLogic is sparking global businesses with smarter learning solutions. We have come to be known as savvy, steadfast and thoughtful people with a passion for excellence and continuous improvement.
We’ve had adventures, some big wins, some small wins, and some losses. We celebrate, laugh, cry, and keep moving forward. It’s been quite a journey, and we’re just getting started.

The journey so far

Our journey
One thing is inherently true for every member of DelphianLogic:
We all care deeply about carving our names in the future of learning by stimulating curiosity, building close-knit relationships, leveraging the latest technology, empowering thought leaders and infusing joy into every learning opportunity.
The curiously wise owl.
The mascot, the office pet, the wise guy of DelphianLogic.

Our mission

To transform learning into an inspiring, impactful and smarter experience.

By harnessing the diversity of human potential in all of us, continuously fostering curiosity, building meaningful connections, leveraging the power of technology, empowering thought leaders and infusing joy into every learning opportunity.

Our vision

To be the world’s most valued Learning Company that creates a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

By enabling success for our customers and their employees;
By inspiring our employees to unlock the full potential of their creativity and intelligence;
And contributing to the advancement of the learning industry, through both thought and technology;
Thereby building a remarkable and sustainable business for our partners and shareholders.

Our values

Our values are at the heart of who we are and what we stand for.

Meticulous. And Madly So!



madly so!

Right off, it means attention to detail.
Yes, but that’s not where it starts.
And doing the innumerable things that go into making it, exceedingly well.
and all things in between.
Not everyone will notice the difference.
But it will be felt. And every once in a while, there will be a moment of pride. A bit mad? Yes, if that’s what it takes.

“Aha!” In Every Interaction



In every interaction

The client call. The internal huddle.
The spitballing session.
The coffee conversation.THE ELEVATOR RIDE WITH ‘GUESS WHO’. It’s all one big, brimming possibility, no? Anything can happen. And if there’s ENOUGH PREPAREDNESS, enough motivation, enough desire to move the needle, or leave someone feeling better for the interaction, it will have been worth the showing up.
It’s a high bar.

Collective Genius




No silos. No chasms. No gears working independently. Getting into musical jam mode. TIKI-TAKA play mode.
call it what you will. Asking for help. Being willing to contribute our time and skills to team members as much as ourselves. All of this fusing together in a glowing, incandescent flame of great work.
Belief: If talent is individual, genius is only achieved together.
Underline that. Put that in neon.
It’s our calling card.
Success, failure, learning from both together.

Inclusive Is Our Exclusive!


is our


Not just the inner circle. Not just the outer circle. Not only the decade old, not only the rookies.
Not only the FUNNY dudes, not only the important folks. Not just those who fit in, not just the so called misfits. EVERYONE.
It’s a matter of RESPECT, OF DIGNITY and most importantly because without diversity of thought, opinion, ideas and distinctly differing ways to bring them to life, there’s no change.
No great new ways of viewing the world. Which is logical. Now, is everybody in?

Curiosity? It’s In Schrödinger’s Box!


It’s in



LOOK IT UP. That’s both the point and the not point. The spontaneous question, the nagging doubt, the itch that just needs to be scratched. It’s the source of learning, knowledge, and every radical invention, change and magical reality that we see everywhere. And it’s one of the attributes we value the most. IT’S THE WHY WE ARE HERE, the what that we do, the how we go about doing it, where we are going and the who we are. Everyday. Let no day go by without raising a question that bothers us till we find an answer. That’s the motto.

Knowledge. Will. Set. Us. Free.


Knowledge. Will. Set. Us. Free.

We’re in learning.
Now, what have we learnt? That it is a discipline.
That it takes hard work. That it’s for life.
And we’ve learnt that information is just that, information. It’s not knowledge.
That comes with attention, understanding, assimilation and realisation. And then it turns into action. A behaviour that says we know. Intent that leads to change.
And that’s knowledge worth striving for, being inspired by and worth living for. And it all starts with learning. Now, what have we learnt?

A smarter leadership

Saurabh Ganguli
Chief Executive Officer
Rahul Joshi
Chief Operating Officer
Suman Basu
Chief Alliance Officer
Vandit Goyal
Chief Sales Officer
They’re passionate about adding a smarter edge to the corporate learning landscape: The “Big Four” of DelphianLogic – our founders and leaders – are relentless in their pursuit of the spark that fuels transformation and supports growth. Our famed Quest for Smarter starts right at the top – with our leaders.

What’s happening at DelphianLogic

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