Pharma & Life Sciences

Onboarding Portal and eLearning blends to deliver ‘Medical Excellence’

Our Client

Our client—a pioneer in the healthcare industry since 120 years—is among the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. They are committed to improving lives through innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that benefit millions of patients globally. They are also a frontrunner in biotech, cancer research and treatment, vitro diagnostics, and personalised healthcare. With a presence in over 100 countries, and a workforce of over 90,000, our client continues to make various breakthroughs in science and technology, helping patients live longer, better lives.

The Business Challenge

Our client used a manual process for onboarding the multitudes of employees joining the company, or changing roles, each year. The process comprised of a mix of activities that each employee had to complete based on their role, and training path. These activities included attending classroom sessions, completing online courseware, reading up documents, and interacting with key people in face-to-face meetings. A paper-based checklist system was used to keep track of the employees’ activities and completion status.

This system had the usual drawbacks of any manual, paper-based system—it was tedious to maintain; there was very little transparency; tracking the progress of all employees was difficult; and the checklists themselves were prone to being lost or damaged.

Our client was looking for an online solution that would make the onboarding process simpler to administer, manage, and track. They also wanted to create a suite of eLearning courses promoting ‘medical excellence’, as added courseware to their online library.

Our Solution

DelphianLogic created an online portal using the Nintex/SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 platform, in conjunction with SharePoint web-parts and services.

The workflow created made it easy for:

  • Administrators to add and manage users, and checklists
  • Managers to assign checklists, track progress of employees, and generate reports
  • Employees to view, track, and record the status of their activities

In addition to all this, the portal also integrated automatic email alerts, and notifications, for the various activities to be sent out to all those respectively involved.

A visual analogy was used to create the interface for the workflow—to not only provide a logical and intuitive way of using the portal, but also an engaging and appealing one.

For the suite of eLearning courses, relevance and interest were created by mirroring work environments and situations, and using informative characters who functioned as peers and experts.  Learners were given ample opportunities to actively explore and participate in the courses in order to enhance the effectiveness of the entire process.

In addition, short infomercials were created to spark interest in the learners, and encourage them to go through the courses.

The courses and infomercials were developed using HTML, which enables versatility, and flexibility in design and development, while also allowing for easy updates to the content.


  • More than 75% attendees rating the program as 5 star
  • 40% increase in completion rate of the program
  • Positive feedback from the business confirm participants have better understanding and retention of concepts, from earlier batches