Pharma & Life Sciences

Whiteboard Animation Snapshot Video Drives Engagement and Team Motivation

Our Client

Our client is one of the leading pharmaceuticals divisions of the world’s largest biotech company focused on translating science into effective medicines for patients. The company is dedicated to cutting edge research in various countries and has over 150 partners worldwide. Leading providers of clinically differentiated medicines, our client lists life-saving antibiotics, antimalarials and chemotherapy in the World Health Organization Model Lists of Essential Medicines.

The Business Challenge

For our client, the Biologics team is important to the organization. Their meticulous adherence to high-quality standards makes them one of the most vital contributors to the reputation of the organization. The Biologics team has a very detailed and complex onboarding process, where new recruits are made to go through many training modules before they become entirely productive. The business stakeholders felt that there was an immediate need to restructure and transform their training program. While there were training materials available, it was difficult for new associates to understand the complete process from start to end. The time taken for the new team to become job-ready was hence extensive. Everyone felt the need for training programs that would help new recruits understand the workings of the Biologics division and biological production structure, with an enhanced understanding of the Biologics core purpose that is sharply focused on Customers and Partnerships and the core functioning of this unit and inter-linkages with other operational units.

Our Solution

We viewed the requirement through the lens of performance and realized that while most of the training content was available, the need was to create an overview module that highlights the key tenets of the training. We created a whiteboard animation video that brought all the content together in a brief five-minute snapshot. The video was packed with a lot of details and highlighted the complex journey of the molecular process from the antibody stage to that of the finished product, with stress on key messages. Closing with a compact flowchart that reinforces the chronology of the various phases involved in the process.

The client relied on DelphianLogic for these key responsibilities:

  • Diagnosing of the business problem and recommending a solution
  • Structuring the flow of content, segregation – collaborating with the SME to extract key messages
  • Designing a script, visual style, animatics, and final video
  • Managing the project from initial consultation through final content redevelopment and delivery


We served our client by creating an efficient onboarding program that:

  • Increased effectiveness of the larger Onboarding program by 40%
  • Learner ratings of the onboarding program improved by 30%
  • Reduced time significantly for creating a job-ready team

By using our video, our client no longer relies on a “one-size-fits-all” onboarding program. Learners are now more engaged, motivated, and more satisfied.