The world runs on SMART. But…

We’re on a quest for SMARTER.

For all things learning, made simpler, done better. For pushing the boundaries of effective learning solutions and crafting them into exceptional ones. For that spark that makes us an award-winning learning solutions company and a partner to global organisations. For the just right. The Smarter.


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Our Offerings

If you have a learning need – any need – we have a solution for it!
Our offerings are meticulously designed and skillfully crafted with a unique blend of creativity
and technology, all the while ensuring the highest degree of customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Learning Experiences
  • Managed Learning Services
  • Learning Products
  • Learning as a Service (LaaS)
Learning Experiences


To help you offer learning programs and interventions as experiences that engage, tell a story and leave a lasting impact. We do this while delivering better value to your learners and your business through human-centred design and smarter, custom-fit learning design approaches. Learning Experiences by DelphianLogic is your key to achieving high performance returns on your learning investment.
Managed Learning Services


To help you expand your L&D capacity and capabilities and to give wings to your medium and long term L&D vision and strategies. Increase operational efficiencies, streamline processes and achieve higher ROI through a seamless, agile, and scalable extension of your learning and development organisation.
Learning Products


To elevate your learning technology ecosystem from best-in-line to next-in-line through problem focused, cloud-engineered, turnkey learning technology products and frameworks.
Learning as a Service (LaaS)


To empower you with a 360 degree packaged learning service that enables you to run a fully functional learning ecosystem, deliver top-notch learning content to your employees, extended enterprise, customers, and audiences, and extract maximum ROI out of your knowledge capital.
DelphianLogic’s LaaS is turnkey, easy on the wallet, easy to integrate to your existing learning infrastructure and is tailored to your needs.
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Partner to the world’s leading companies

Developing award-winning solutions. Honing expertise across industries. Building enduring
partnerships. 10 of the Fortune 100 companies. 20 of the Global 500 companies.
Across 15+ countries.
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We’re Preferred Valued Trusted

As a long-standing partner for some of the largest global organisations, we have conceptualised and
implemented a wide range of learning solutions for our clients. Our work has been of a diverse
nature and scale. Whether it’s a granular or a super-niche intervention, or managing corporate
academies for our clients – we’ve done it all.




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What our clients and partners
have to say

We’ve been delivering customer success continually. Year after year.
And our clients and partners have taken note.


We partnered with DelphianLogic on a very important and much anticipated learning module. Now our employees are experiencing the efforts. The feedback was a resounding success! Thank you all from the depth of my heart.

World’s Premier Intergovernmental Food-Assistance Agency


A massive project of over 6 months: the conversion of over 50 outdated courses from our internal certification program into shorter, more dynamic and more learner focused learning resources… which will give way to a major upgrade for our employees and their training goals. The output is of great quality and it will be used for even broader extent than International Programs, so I would like to call this a big success.

Leading Global Insurance Service Company


DelphianLogic designed their ContentCentral tool to specifically address issues like providing a content solution that is agnostic to whatever authoring tools, LMS or LXP any organisation may be using. ContentCentral can help shine a light on and clean up an area of the learning ecosystem where many organisations have a complete blind spot.

The Brandon Hall Group


Throughout my time working with DelphianLogic, they’ve proven to go above and beyond on every project. They are easy to work with, think creatively and effectively communicate ideas, which is always appreciated. As experts in the e-Learning space, they have always provided educational content that was clear, logical and effective. Highly recommend!

Senior eLearning Specialist and Strategic Partner to DelphianLogic


The five keys to SMARTER

Experience Smarter is DelphianLogic’s promise to everyone whose life we have touched in
some way or the other. Two words that carry the weight of an organisation. A promise, a belief,
a lived understanding, and over a decade of pursuing excellence in all that we do… all captured
in the five DelphianLogic Pillars:
  • Depth of Understanding
  • Sharpness of Solutions
  • Rightness of Technology
  • “Aha” of Interactions
  • Quality of Outcomes
Depth of Understanding

Depth of Understanding

Below the superficial. Beyond the facts.

At the core of the challenge.

It’s not just an exploration.

It’s diving into the heart of the insight.

Sharpness of Solutions

Sharpness of Solutions

When does a solution become the right solution?

When the challenge is defined. And refined.

When all the possibilities are explored. And reimagined.

When the design fits the purpose.

“Rightness of Technology

Rightness of Technology

Being tech native is our strong suit.

Being innovative with it is even more.

Robust. Ahead of the curve. Integrated.

Platform agnostic. It’s tech at our control.

With good ideas to drive it at the core.

“Aha” of Interactions

“Aha” of Interactions

What’s the finest level of engagement that one must promise?

One built as much on process and structure as it is on flexibility and personalisation.

A solid expectation that morphs into a delightfully smarter experience. Every time.

Quality of Outcomes

Quality of Outcomes

How effective is the solution? How will it affect behaviour? How will it impact performance?

Good questions all. No easy answers. Except for great quality ones.

Leaving no stone unturned. No standards unchallenged.

Only awesome accepted.

The five keys that help us unlock a unique perspective and a smarter difference to
every engagement.