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The insurance industry is undergoing a sea change. The way in which risk is evaluated is being modified, and new solvency and related regulations demand reforms. However, establishing these new systems demands both an eye for detail, as well as the vision to lay down robust processes that stand the test of time in this evolving environment.

Learning, Technology & Communication Solutions for Insurance Industry

DelphianLogic has been partnering with various corporate and business groups, including Operational Excellence, Finance, HR, IT and Program Management to deliver solutions that facilitate transformation.

Adopting a holistic approach takes into account the distinctive attributes of the enterprise, as well as a deep understanding of the business. The resultant solution is highly implementable and effective in the unique setting within which it functions.

Our key solutions blend Learning, Communication and Technology to expand technical skills including Underwriting training, certifications and continuous development. Operational excellence interventions involve a blend of process training, digitization, process automation for continuous improvement. Risk and Compliance Learning need to be made relevant for new regulations. Communications solutions that involve videos and portals bring consistency and coherence to the change management communication across the enterprise.

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