A 60% or higher learner engagement on an eLearning implementation? Yes. It’s possible!

An eLearning implementation is a sum of many parts. And these parts are so diverse that getting the sum just right is a constant challenge. To hit that magic engagement number of 60% and more, you need just the right mix of know-how, set-up, skill-set, content and technology. Most importantly, you need the right end-to-end implementation plan.

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    Most organizations spend years trying to achieve a high-enough learner engagement rate to justify the cost of implementation. Approximately 70% of these organizations fail to hit the mark.

    We will tell you how you can be part of that 30% who got their eLearning implementation right. From content to technology to strategy, we cover all conceivable parts of a successful eLearning implementation. One with no upfront costs involved.

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