The Ultimate Managed Learning Services (MLS) Accelerator featuring… ‘Decoding Training Needs Analysis’ AND bonus content!

Dive into the world of strategic organisational learning with the ultimate MLS toolkit. Featuring our exclusive guide: ‘Decoding Training Needs Analysis.’ and a bouquet of additional bonus content, this toolkit will set you up to make the right decisions, the right choices and the right impact when you are ready to turbo charge your L&D vision into reality!

The Ultimate MLS Accelerator featuring TNA and Bonus content!

A power-packed set of curated articles, blogs ebooks and videos, the hero of this accelerator is our brand new ebook: ‘Decoding Training Needs Analysis’ created with insights and inputs from learning industry titans – Jon Bawdon, Michael Blattner, and Adrian Stäubli – the Learning & Development leadership team at Zurich Insurance Group., this ebook arms you with tips and information on best practices and processes that you can bank upon to optimise  TNA in YOUR organisation.

Use this accelerator to:

  • Find your best-fit Managed Learning Services partner
  • Streamline TNA effortlessly
  • Elevate learner engagement with high-fidelity gamification strategies
  • Gain insights from expert case studies and webinars
  • Stay ahead in the Future of Learning

What’s included in this Managed Learning Services Accelerator?

We’re meticulous… and proudly so. And we have involved that very same meticulousness into creating a library of resources that will transform the way you approach learning for your organisation. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • ‘Decoding Training Needs Analysis,’ an ebook brought to you in collaboration with the Learning & Development dream team at Zurich Insurance Group, featuring Jon Bawdon, Michael Blattner and Adrian Stäubli.
  • Exclusive webinars
  • Insightful  case studies
  • In-depth curated articles
  • Immersive videos
  • And more

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your workforce?

    Download the Ultimate MLS Accelerator

    The ultimate MLS Accelerator featuring TNA Ebook and bonus content.