Take control of your learning content and assets

No need to dig through email attachments and folders and track people down for missing documents and lost files. Manage all of your learning content and assets from a single location, organized in the cloud.

Find The Right Content

With extensive metadata (most automatically extracted), intelligent keywords and a deep search function, locate the right content, right owner, right version, right files and right supplier with only a click.

Access Every Important File

With a cloud-based central library that smartly stores every file that matters, free up your time through easy, specific searches and focus on what matters.

Maintain Ownership And Accountability

With speedy development and update functions, define and maintain content ownership, avoid ‘orphan’ content and achieve enhanced governance and accountability.

Manage changing content and versions

Manage multiple course versions and make updates, easily and quickly. 

Track your content and manage its multiple versions, without having to spend much time or effort on it.
Target Content That Needs Improvement

Target Content That Needs Improvement

Discover outdated, ineffective and ‘broken’ content for review and update and make the right spends for targeted improvement. and everything in its place.

Maintain and Access Versions

Maintain and Access Versions

Account for every change over the content’s lifecycle, retrieve files from a previous version and ensure traceability and elimination of blind-spots and process gaps.

Power-up Your LMS Content

Power-up Your LMS Content

Use link-back traceability to instantly locate project/source files and accurately and quickly update any content published and deployed on your LMS.

Manage learning at scale

Reach a whole level of efficiency even with a large amount of content, multiple teams, departments, locations and users around the world.

Streamline Processes

Eliminate manual approvals and hand-offs and distributed files and folders for seamless operations and tracking over the lifecycle.

Get It Right Each Time

Ensure higher predictability and speedier content deployment on LMS through automated and custom rule-based testing and validation.

Manage Security

Take easy and efficient control of ownership, roles and permissions across a highly secure infrastructure.

Is ContentCentral Really For You?
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