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Augmented Reality Shows Immediate Results for Sales Enablement

Our Client

The client is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies with high-caliber medicines in various fields.

The company manages an exceptionally large sales team across 100 countries and has different ways in which these teams communicate with medical practitioners.

The Business Challenge

Medical representatives across the United States were challenged when it came to conveying large amounts of information–including fairly complex information like MoA (Mechanism of Action), along with other product specific information– to others.

Our client hence wanted to make use of innovative technology to simplify the first interaction, as well as make it more impactful, and create a certain level of product recall– one that was higher than that of their the competition.

The underlying goal of the solution was to:

  • Create an impactful first impression about the drug that was introduced by the medical representative.
  • Create higher recall and differentiate the product from its competitor’s competitors something that would boost sales.

Our Solution

To solve the problem faced by the client, an Augmented Reality iPad app that used the product as a smart surface was thought of. When the brochure was viewed through the app, the smart surface came alive and became interactive.

The solution was seen as a great tool for medical representatives, as they were able to immediately connect with, and gain the interest of the medical practitioners. In addition to this, 3D models of the drug molecule ensured that the representatives were able to have productive discussions. Moreover, a set of 1 minute videos for the Mechanism of Action, made sure that the discussions remained convincing. As this was now a digital asset, and not a physical brochure, updated information about the drug, including congress updates was available on the app. What’s more, is that the Smart User Interface of the app resulted in better user experience. The same ‘smart surface’ was converted into a brochure that could be conveniently handed over to the practitioner.


  • Rolled out as a pilot within one state in the US, the app became an instant hit with almost all medical practitioners. They were able to see an instant improvement in the quality of their meetings, and also saw an increase in sales.
  • To conclude, we expect this solution to be cutting edge in the years to come, and you can surely expect to hear more about this solution from us in the future.

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