Engaging Communication – Creating Visibility For Enterprise Data Through Concept Videos

Our Client

Our client is a global, multi-line insurer that serves customers primarily in the general insurance, life insurance and farmer insurance areas across 200 countries and territories across the globe. Its customers include individuals, small businesses, mid-sized and large companies, as well as multinational corporations. As of 2017, this group of companies was among the world’s 100 largest public companies according to Forbes’ Global 2000 list.

The Business Challenge

Being in insurance, the company generates huge amounts of data through its business operations. A leader in the insurance domain and a frontrunner in innovation, this company has been using enterprise data architecture and analytics to optimally leverage insights from data. The group has been effectively using data to shape business strategies, enhance operations, and to anticipate and prepare for the future.

The company realized that unless their entire organization was aware of the value of data and realised the potential of the data analytics capabilities available, the organization would be unable to make optimal use of their analytics capabilities. They requested a communication solution to create interest and awareness about the value of data, the need to manage it well, and the analytics capabilities available at the organization. The client pointed out some key concepts such as data standards, data models, and so on, that employees needed to understand to internalize the importance of managing data well.

Our Solution

Based on the requirement analysis, DelphianLogic proposed a series of animated videos that would grab attention as well as serve to simplify and break down complex concepts and deliver them in an engaging manner.

  • Initial Attention Grabber
    We first created an entertaining audio visual clip that used the metaphor of musical notes coming together to form phrases, melodies and harmonies, to convey the beauty and value of analyzing data to find patterns, trends and insights. This video was aimed at getting people’s attention, communicating the value of data, and engaging them in the data story.
  • Explanatory Videos
    The set of 7 videos that followed the initial opener was aimed at communicating the need for data analytics capabilities as simply and clearly as possible. Each video focused on one key concept, breaking down the technical definitions to get to the core idea behind the concept. The audio narrative simply explained the idea while the visuals presented examples from the client’s business operation setting to make the abstract ideas real and relatable for viewers.

The illustrative visual style allowed for a degree of surreal constructs that helped convey ideas more effectively. For example, an actual pool of water within what looked like an insurance office with numbers flowing into it from computers, phones, conversations, and so on, helped bring to life the concept of data being collected from a variety of business operations.


Initial dipstick analysis from the video launch confirmed

  • Consistently listed as Top 5 videos in the internal video channel for a period of 3 month
  • 50% more views than any similar launch done internally
  • Live video ratings consistently more than 4 stars
  • Business confirmed a successful launch

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