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Integrated Marketing System And Mobile App Facilitates Sales In Remote Geographical Territories

Our Client

Our client, a 180 year old establishment, is a global manufacturer of machinery and equipment used in agricultural and construction-related activities. Their utility tractors and other farming equipment are sold to businesses and landowners regionally (within a country) through local dealerships.

The Business Challenge

Our client carried out extensive Marketing and Sales-related activities and campaigns which were channelized mainly through dealers, thus making them the true representatives of the company at the ground level. The Sales team conducted various activities for dealers in order to improve their understanding of different products, their features, benefits, and unique positioning. These activities were carried out on-ground across various locations throughout the country.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the teams, was that of streamlining the process of planning and execution of said activities, while being able to measure their effectiveness simultaneously. The existing manual process, combined with multiple data collection touch points, posed a challenge in giving a clear picture of the activities or the number of enquiries generated at each location.

Our client identified the need for an integrated technology-enabled solution that would bring together the Sales team, Marketing team, and the dealers, on a common technology platform.

The objective was to be able to plan and publish the monthly event calendars to dealers across the country, whether in the office or on-the-go. This would eventually result in real-time data reporting and tracking through the executive dashboard and global reports.

Our Solution

Based on a broad analysis of the problem, DelphianLogic created a custom, mobile-enabled solution where the features and workflow were built to fit the specific activities. Using this solution, the sales representatives of our client organization were able to:

    Being able to plan and publish a monthly events calendar that can confirm individual participation and record attendance.
    for the dealership Sales Managers to record their feedback (rating system), against the various KPI parameters defined for a given activity.
    Ability to generate more enquiries through a systematic planning and execution process, coupled with real-time KPI monitoring, and ultimately resulting in increased lead generation and sales conversion.
    Activity plan available to dealers on their personal smartphones at all times, even in remote locations with no network coverage or Wi-fi.
    The solution has a web-version and a mobile app version, with role-based access, making relevant information available to appropriate authorities. The dealers can access the mobile app with/without an active Wi-Fi connection, which is usually not available on field (event location).
    The inquiries are shared with the existing inquiry management system, through a secured integration layer.


  • Definite upswing of sales numbers observed within 2 quarters of launch
  • Well defined KPIs resulting in 100% adherence to compliance at marketing events
  • Increase in customer footfall at events, leading to an increase in the number of enquiries generated. The more the enquiries, the better the Sales conversion rate.

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