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Performance Development Interview: Blended Training prepares teams to manage change

Our Client

Our client is a leading provider of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Present in over 136 countries, with more than 15,000 associates, it is one of the largest Electrical company in the world, with a European base and strong cultural diversity. It has consistently been ranked as one of the leading employers in France and Germany.

The Business Challenge

The company was looking to achieve a rapid increase in their turnover as well as the number of employees by 2020 through several changes in their HR processes. One such initiative was an effort to align employee growth and development with the company’s overall growth plans. To achieve this alignment, they implemented a new Performance & Development (PDI) appraisal process.

The PDI process has two components: the Performance Interview and the Development Interview. The Performance Interview training and deployment had already been carried out and the client wanted to prepare their employees (both managers and team members) for the Development Interview, so that they could play a more proactive role in defining their future growth.

Therefore, the company requested a blended solution comprising an eLearning component and a classroom session, in order to train their employees.

Our Solution

The training had to cover different types of content—concepts, technical processes and behavioural processes—for different segments of the target audience. DelphianLogic, therefore, proposed a modular approach for the training, comprising four eLearning and an ILT with customised strategies for different learning requirements:

  • A role-selection functionality that customised the learning path for each learner
  • An animated introduction that established context for the training as well as the entire appraisal process by answering the question “What’s in it for me?”
  • An interactive concept map to teach the competencies that were a part of the Development Interview, with a self-appraisal section for learners that could be used during the actual Interview
  • An interactive case-study-based module to let the managers in the audience create a development plan for an employee
  • Interactive system simulations to let employees practice using the PDI system
  • A role-play-based ILT that let managers practice conducting the actual Development Interview by identifying and rating competencies and coaching the employee on solutions

To ensure iPad compatibility, the eLearning was developed in HTML.
As the company has a global presence, the eLearning was also required to be translated into seven languages.


  • The training helped the audience to approach the Development Interview with more awareness of what was expected of them, what path they would like their career to take in the company and how to achieve this goal.

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