Decoding Training Needs Analysis

Discover how this approach to learning can increase learner engagement and be applied to various training methods. The ebook will give you answers to what gamification is, why it works, and how you can use it to enhance processes, productivity and performance at your workplace.


Decoding Training Needs Analysis is your vision board to solve the mystery of skills assessment. Learn how to spot skill gaps with precision accuracy and build strategic training roadmaps that make an impact.

Meet our experts from Zurich Commercial Insurance

  • Jon Bawdon, Underwriting Knowledge Manager
  • Michael Blattner, Head of Global CI Academy
  • Adrian Stäubli, Group Head of Talent Development

They are learning industry mavens armed with skills, insights and wisdom to guide you through the TNA journey.

The adventures of Michael Blattner, Jon Bawdon, and Adrian Stäubli

In the fast-paced world of business, aligning your team’s skills with your organisation’s goals is akin to cracking a secret code. Join us as we unravel this mystery in the intriguing world of Training Needs Analysis (TNA)… where every clue uncovered leads to a stronger, smarter workforce. 

Discover how TNA can propel your organisation to new heights of knowledge and excellence!

Dive into the world of Training Needs Analysis and unlock the full potential of your workforce 

Your TNA  adventure casebook

  • Uncover the three pivotal cases of TNA: organisational, operational, and individual analysis
  • Gain comprehensive insights from industry leaders at zurich commercial insurance
  • Master techniques and tools for effective TNA
  • Prioritise training for maximum impact and efficiency
  • Build a skills-based organisation for future success
  • Leverage self-representation and data for empowered career growth

Are you ready to embark on your TNA journey and unlock the potential of your workforce? 

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