August 25, 2023

DelphianLogic and Partners Win 6 Brandon Hall Group at the 2023 HCM Excellence Awards

DelphianLogic, a leader in developing innovative and impactful learning solutions, has won two gold and four bronze awards for multiple categories at the 2023, Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards.

DelphianLogic, a leader in the corporate learning and development industry, continued to register an impressive run at the Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence awards by securing 6 prestigious wins in the 2023 awards program. This achievement was realised in collaboration with their elite list of clients.

This big win spans categories, including Best Results of a Learning Program, Best Advance in Custom Content, Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy, Best Use of Blended Learning, and Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program.

DelphianLogic won multiple awards on August 17, 2023. You can view the complete list of winners here

Given below is a snapshot of DelphianLogic’s winning entries:

Two Gold Awards

DelphianLogic’s first gold was awarded for our contribution to Zurich Insurance’s “Business Interruption Foundation Training” program in the ‘Best Results of a Learning Program’ category. The company’s strategic approach to revamp Zurich’s curriculum led to enhanced engagement, improved knowledge retention, and increased learning flexibility.

The second Gold award is won under the ‘Best Advance in Custom Content’ category for the “Successful Interviewing Journey eLearning” with the Schindler Group. This program emphasises the significance of training hiring managers to conduct interviews with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Four Bronze Awards

Two of DelphianLogic’s bronze awards were also received for the “Business Interruption Foundation Training” program, in collaboration with Zurich Insurance, under the categories, ‘Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy’ and ‘Best Use of Blended Learning’.

The third bronze award falls under ‘Best Advance in Custom Content’ for the “Schindler SuccessFactors Recruiting eLearning,” developed in partnership with the Schindler Group. This training equips recruiters with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide a consistent hiring experience for all new recruits globally.

The fourth bronze award is also shared with the Schindler Group, under the category of ‘Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program,’ for the “Successful Interviewing Journey eLearning.” Notably, the same program has also won a Gold Award, as mentioned above.

Once again, we proudly showcase our devotion to crafting a significant impact with our learning solutions. A hearty salute to the steadfast DelphianLogic team for their resolute dedication, and my sincerest appreciation goes to our valued customers for entrusting us wholeheartedly.” said Saurabh Ganguli, Founder & CEO of DelphianLogic.

Excellence Award winners are shown to be organisations that truly value their employees and invest in them through their human capital management programs. These HCM programs have been validated as best in class for business value and the impact on the employees themselves,” said Brandon Hall Group Chief Operating Officer Rachel Cooke, HCM Excellence Awards program leader.

Entries were evaluated by a panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, Brandon Hall Group analysts, and executives based on these criteria: 

  • Alignment to their business need and environment
  • Program design, functionality, and delivery 
  • Adoption, integration, user experience, innovation, and creativity
  • Overall effectiveness, impact, and measurable benefits

Excellence Award winners will continue to be honoured at Brandon Hall Group’s HCM Excellence Conference, February 13-15, 2024, at the Hilton West Palm Beach, Florida. Select winners also will serve as presenters in breakout sessions, sharing their leading practices during the conference.

Our award winners are relentless in their pursuit of excellence,” said Brandon Hall Group Chief Executive Officer Mike Cooke. “We have received some of the most innovative use of HCM strategy that we have seen in the last 30 years, and in most cases, technology and collaboration across departments have helped them achieve amazing business results.

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