July 24, 2023

DelphianLogic completes a hat-trick of wins on debut at the 35th annual APEX Awards, 2023

DelphianLogic once again underscores mastery in the corporate learning & development space, securing prestigious accolades at the 35th Annual APEX Awards, 2023.

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, July 24, 2023– DelphianLogic, a leading provider of innovative learning solutions, has emerged triumphant once again, winning three prestigious awards along with their customers and partners at the 35th Annual APEX Awards, 2023.

The company’s exceptional work in the field of corporate learning and development has been recognised in multiple categories, including Campaigns, Programs & Plans and Electronic Media – Education & Training.

DelphianLogic’s win was announced on 14th July 2023. The winners are listed at https://apexawards.com/winners-2023

Given below is a snapshot of DelphianLogic’s winning entries:

Campaigns, Programs & Plans
DelphianLogic and Schindler Group were awarded the prestigious Grand Award in the Campaigns, Programs & Plans category for their remarkable collaboration on the Digital Marketing Academy. This comprehensive program laid down and went on to implement the blueprint for setting up a successful in-house digital marketing academy for all of Schindler’s employees the world over. The academy Schindler employees the opportunity to both up skill and cross skill to the latest and the greatest in the digital marketing domain.


Electronic Media – Education & Training
DelphianLogic, in partnership with F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, received an Award of Excellence in the Electronic Media – Education & Training category for their outstanding achievement with Hungry Birds, an innovative game-based learning program. The game has successfully integrated experiential learning principles to help new hires at Roche Molecular Diagnostics (RMD) understand and internalise the red line in the company’s very critical product development process at an exponentially faster speed than the legacy version of this training.

Campaigns, Programs & Plans – Education & Training
DelphianLogic and Zurich Insurance (Zurich) were honoured with an Award of Excellence in the Campaigns, Programs & Plans – Education & Training category for designing and developing the Business Interruption Foundation Training. A unique microlearning-based blended learning program that combines diverse learning strategies, the training includes animated videos, audio-driven scenario presentations, multimedia microlearning modules, and interactive web pages.

“We are both humbled and elated with our three prestigious Apex Awards on debut. These awards reinforce our commitment to making tangible, sustainable impacts for our customers and partners.” – Saurabh Ganguli, Co-founder and CEO of DelphianLogic

The APEX Awards, known for attracting exceptional entries, have recognised DelphianLogic amongst the crème de la crème of the industry. Amidst fierce competition, DelphianLogic emerged victorious as one of the 100 Grand Award Winners out of over 1,100 entries in the 2023 field of award entrants.

APEX awards are evaluated by a panel of expert judges who assess the entries based on criteria such as graphic design, editorial content, overall communications effectiveness, and excellence. These judges comprise seasoned professionals, including industry experts, experienced communicators and respected executives, who bring their expertise and discerning eye to the evaluation process.

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