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Business imperatives and moving parts in corporate learning have made it difficult for learning designers all over the world to strike a balance between the need of the learner and the need of the organization – which may sometimes overlap but is not always the same.

Here is a podcast hosted by BrandonHallHCMx; Anjali Kolhatkar reveals to Rachel Cooke (COO, Brandon Hall Group) how DelphianLogic has broken the elusive “Design Barrier”.

Listen to the in-depth conversation where Anjali speaks about DelphianLogic’s game-changing human-centered learning design process, challenges faced and overcome, and results that speak for themselves.

Topics include:

  • Why is the audience important?
  • When designing a learning program, how do you consider the needs of the business versus the needs of the audience?
  • What challenges are there to successful instructional design?
  • What is human-centered instructional design?
  • How does design thinking facilitate human-centered instructional design?
  • How and why was the resulting design more effective and human-centered than a solution designed using traditional approaches?
  • How did you measure success?
  • What are some of DelphianLogic’s critical initiatives and programs underway for the remainder of 2021?
  • How has DelphianLogic adapted to the new way of working? How has it impacted instructional design?
  • Insights from AnjaIi’s journey
  • And more!

HCMx Radio, a podcast focusing on innovative, cutting-edge HCM  topics, that weaves current market research, HR technology and industry leaders into each episode.  HCMx Radio hosted by Rachel Cooke, Michael Rochelle, Mike Cooke and the Brandon Hall Group Analyst Team.

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