March 21, 2023

DelphianLogic’s Catalyst 2023 to explore the power of industry awards in Learning and Development

DelphianLogic announces the second edition of their annual roundtable thought leadership conference, Catalyst 2023. The event, themed “Advance with Awards: How to win awards and influence stakeholders,” is scheduled for March 24, 2023, 1.30 PM CET. And will showcase an illustrious panel of L&D experts who will represent some of the world’s largest and most successful organisations.

BASEL, SWITZERLAND, March 21, 2023: DelphianLogic, a renowned provider of learning solutions and services to Fortune 500 companies, is pleased to announce its second annual industry round table conference, DelphianLogic Catalyst 2023. The event, which will take place on March 24, 2023, 1.30 PM CET, will be an online, interactive experience that aims to inspire and connect learning and development professionals from around the world.

The theme for Catalyst 2023 is “Advance with Awards: How to win awards and influence stakeholders.” The event will feature industry experts Priya Thiagarajan, VP of Capability Development at Firstsource; Ricardo Vasconcelos, the Global Senior Learning Consultant at Schindler Group; Ina Kalus, the Subchapter Lead of Training Compliance and Effectiveness at Roche Diagnostics, and Fernanda Bastos- Spörri, Training Expert at Roche Diagnostics.

These experts will share their best practices for planning and executing award-worthy projects. Participants will gain insights and anecdotes from the speakers’ own experiences and learn about success stories from award-winning projects. They will also discover strategies to leverage award wins, network with fellow learning professionals, and take away actionable ideas for their own organisations. 

DelphianLogic Catalyst 2023 is a follow-up to last year’s successful virtual round table event, which featured learning leaders from organisations such as IBM, Ericsson, Zurich Insurance, Brandon Hall Group, and Accenture. This year’s event promises to be even more exciting and informative with industry practitioners from across industries and verticals attending as both speakers and the audience

We are excited to host our second annual edition of Catalyst, bringing together learning specialists from around the world to share their knowledge and insights on how to win awards and influence stakeholders,” said Saurabh Ganguli, CEO, DelphianLogic. “Catalyst is all about sparking change, developing ideas through connection, conversation and collaboration. We’re thrilled to have such a talented panel of experts joining us this year and look forward to the great insights and strategies they will share with attendees.

The event is aimed at learning specialists from all over the world representing various organisations, and it will comprise a panel of four learning leaders, Priya Thiagarajan, Ricardo Vasconcelos, Ina Kalus, and Fernanda Bastos. The agenda will be jam-packed with informative sessions and interactive experiences, including hands-on learning opportunities and actionable takeaways. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Award-winning industry experts
  2. Best practices for planning and executing award-worthy projects
  3. Insights and anecdotes from the speaker’s own experiences
  4. Award-winning project success stories 
  5. Strategies to leverage award wins
  6. Networking opportunities with fellow learning professionals
  7. Hands-on experience and actionable takeaways

For more information about DelphianLogic Catalyst 2023, including the full agenda and registration details, please visit 

Don’t miss out this opportunity to connect with other learning and development professionals and gain insights that could take your organisation to the next level.

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